The restaurant has closed its doors for service for the time-being, but is continuing to host exciting and unique events and pop-ups, as well as being available to hire for your special occasion.

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Our Story 

We are two sisters who are passionate about food and food experiences. It has always been our dream to open our own restaurant and bring people together. We trained in Cape Town at Silwood School of Cookery, Le Cordon Bleu. Travelling and working around the world and growing up in Botswana enabled us to bring a variety of skills and ideas together to create our little eatery. We have managed to build, what we think is a place that people truly enjoy eating at and working for.

We have an incredible team of people, most have been with us from the start, some we have badgered until they joined the fun side and others come back when they are on school and Uni holidays. Kay, Emma and Dana have contributed hugely to what we are today and have been with us from the start. We have a strong team of youngsters that continue to mature and grow (unlike us!) and we have a kitchen team that works incredibly hard.  We have our chef Ollie who Nicole worked with on Richard Branson’s private island and who we tormented until he had no choice but to join us. Being Junior Sous Chef at Tom Kerridge's restaurant ‘The Hand and Flowers’ means that he brings some awesome skills to the table. We also have a tiny but strong administrative, I hesitate to use the word ‘department’ that keep us organised, it is not an easy task!

We hope you love eating our food as much as we love making and serving it.


What we do

We are not sure we have a ‘Philosophy’ as such, but if we were pressed I suppose it would be to not take ourselves too seriously. We want to have fun making our food and we want people to genuinely enjoy eating it and being in our eatery. So while we like to keep an eye on new food trends and ideas, we just try and make tasty food with great produce served by awesome people. Making people smile makes us happy!

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